Can Landscaping Increase Your Property Value? 

It’s a question many homeowners want to know, and the answer is YES, landscaping can increase the property value of your Toronto home. Here’s what you need to know. 

Not All Landscaping Delivers the Same Returns 

Whether you are flipping a home, plan to sell in a few years, or simply want to maintain your property value—you must be strategic about the landscaping you select. For instance, cedar trees are beautiful, but they require a lot of ongoing maintenance. By selecting a lower-maintenance tree and landscaping you can generate a higher ROI. 

Each lawn and yard have a different layout, so the best way to utilize and generate an attractive return is to hire a professional landscape designerWith the right design and ongoing maintenance, you can increase the value of your property ranging by as much as 10%. There is no guarantee as there are many variables, with visual appeal and increased functionality being high on this list.   

Retaining Walls & Landscaping

The Landscaping Upgrades with The Highest Value 

Your goal is sure to be two-fold, you want to create a beautiful lawn and garden, but you also want your investment to generate a return. This means that your landscaping upgrades must deliver a visible impact. Avoid the temptation to over-personalize, as the finished landscaping should appeal to a wide range of buyers. Otherwise, your personalized picks will be viewed as something buyers must invest in upgrading after they buy. Here are a few of the most profitable landscaping upgrades to consider: 

Outdoor Kitchenadding or upgrading your patio or deck can increase your property value, but if you’re going to upgrade consider adding a fully functioning outdoor kitchen. Kitchen or not, we have plenty of backyard patio ideas. 

Decorative Walkwaysdecorative cement, flagstone, or stone walkways beautify your yard and become part of the design. 

Inground Swimming Pooladding an inground swimming pool allows you and your family to enjoy more time in the sun and is an investment that always pays off.  

Low-Maintenance Flowerbeds—if your lawn is light on flowerbeds adding a few easy to maintain shrubs, plants, and flowers is both beautiful and valuable.  

There are many landscaping companies in Toronto to choose from. We invite you to browse the AVL Landscape & Design gallery to view the quality of our work. Our landscape design team will work with you to select a visually appealing and equitable landscape upgrade.